As Australia’s spring selling season kicks off, some vendors might consider going down the do-it-yourself (DIY) conveyancing route to save money. But while it can be tempting, particularly given the current cost of living, there are many risks involved in managing your own conveyancing.

Providing legal protection

When using a conveyancer, you are hiring someone for their professional knowledge and experience. Without this knowledge, there is risk of potential errors or omissions in the process. This can lead to legal disputes or financial loss.

Conveyancers typically have indemnity insurance, offering protection against unforeseen issues or mistakes. If you go down the DIY route, you lose this coverage and could be left with large financial implications if errors are made.

Saving time 

While doing it yourself may appear to save you money at face value, DIY conveyancing can be very time-consuming – whether that’s hours spent learning legal jargon and terminology, gathering documents, processing paperwork, or liaising with the other parties. This time could be spent with family or at work.

Reducing stress

A conveyancer not only carries out tasks on your behalf; they also provide valuable advice and guidance. Your conveyancer is trained and skilled in managing the moving parts that go into a property transaction. This means the process runs smoothly and you can simply enjoy the journey.

As a bonus, a conveyancer’s knowledge in the property market means they can offer advice on how to structure your transaction to your benefit.

Freya Southwell is a property lawyer and principal of Sutton Laurence King Lawyers.

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